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peculiar is a queer literary journal showcasing prose, poetry, art, and photography. With our roots in the Mormon stronghold of Provo, Utah, peculiar began as a way to recognize the creative talents of the often-overlooked queer community within Utah’s unique culture. As our journal has grown—and our staff has begun setting roots nationwide—we’ve decided to broaden the scope of peculiar to include queer voices from anywhere and everywhere. No matter how far you are or how quietly you whisper, know that we hear you.

​In our first issue, co-editor-in-chief Aaron Gates wrote the following in his foreword: “To belong, isn’t that what we are fighting for, constantly? Every day a wave surges against us, telling us we are too different, telling us we have no place, telling us that something is wrong with us. No one can tell you what you are worth; that is for you to decide.” So we hope you’ll decide to be brave. To be strong. To be beautiful.

​This journal celebrates the dazzling diversity of us all. Share your stories with us. Read the stories of others. Take part in something glorious, no matter how peculiar.

"This collection of writings is our cry, our roar, our prayer, our lament, and the gnashing of our teeth."


- Jack Garcia, co-editor-in-chief

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