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issue nine

Editors: Jack Garcia and Aaron Gates
Design: Emily Mattson
Featured Writer: Charlie J. Stephens

Featured Artist: Mär Martinez

This ninth issue features prose, poetry, and art by the following collection of queer writers and artists: John Adams, J.T. Aris, Elizabeth Barrett, Valentin Cannon, Hannah Abigail Clarke, Gemma Cooper-Novack, Desiree Dufresne, Emily Ezzo, Melia Lenkner, Jacob Lotter, Mär Martinez, Katherine Martini, Nora Pace, Risa Pappas, Gabriela Rochallyi, Rae Rozman, Sonia Ruyts, Nabil Scherief, Charlie J. Stephens, Scott Strom, Laura Walker, Christopher Wilson, and Emma Wynn.

ISBN: 978-1-7923-1947-1

peculiar: a queer literary journal #9 PRINT

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$9.00Sale Price
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