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my prayer for a queer people


This is for the queer heart,
The topsy-turvy dear heart;
Completely-full-of-fear heart;
That Mormon pioneer heart


This is for the bold one;
The lonely, won’t-grow-old one;
Unstrung, too-young-to-know one;
That precious, desperate, bold one


This is for the feeble hands;
The clinging-to-our-freedom hands;
Pierced-with-nails and bleeding hands;
Those freezing, fetal, feeble hands


This is for the silent voice;
The cold, untold, unspoken voice;
Alone and at the pulpit voice;
That lost and found and silent voice


This is for the little lambs;
The ninety-nine abandoned lambs;
Unblemished, brought-to-slaughter lambs;
Those lost, unwashed, and little lambs


This is for peculiar people;
Queerly here and merely people;
Heart-and-mind-in-Zion people;
Those pure, demure, peculiar people


This is my peculiar prayer;
My plea with Father Goddess prayer
Hallowed-be-our-queerness prayer;
This secret, in my closet prayer

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